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The Movie Loft Podcast

Tony, Phil, Thom

The Movie Loft Podcast features three Boston boys, Tony, Phil and Thom, in an old barn loft talking about '80s movies and memories. 

The name and premise is also a nod to a titular Boston institution, The Movie Loft, featuring Dana Hersey, which ran on WSBK TV-38 throughout our “salad days”. This project started as an excuse to capture our conversations for posterity. Highlighting a different movie in each episode, we revisit some long forgotten memories, and in the process weave together a documentary of our formative years. 

The point of this show is not to walk anyone through a movie scene by scene - we’re well aware you’ve been watching these flicks for decades. The aim is to discuss our deep appreciation for what it took to get each picture made, where we were when we experienced them, and how they’re a part of the zeitgeist of their times. Sure, we have some opinions, maybe even a few “hot takes”, but we’re really just here for your entertainment. Hopefully you’ll finish each episode feeling like you had a seat at our table.